Our Motto

Carlifornia Inc. helps  to get you your classic car or collectors car of your dreams. With almost 30 years of experience we provide the best customer support you can get.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspections are done with german precision to your satisfaction.

We are located in the heart of the Californian car culture in the greater Los Angeles area.

We provide the best service, so you will not end up with a lemon.



What can we do for you?

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Don’t buy the cat in the bag!
We provide an affordable and individual Pre-Purchase Inspection that will fit your needs!
Our PPI Service starts at $249!


You know what car you want but haven’t found it yet?
With our extensive knowledge of the car market, we can find you the classic car of your dreams!

Export and Shipping

With our partners we will prepare your newly purchased car for a safe and sound shipping and make sure, that all the paperwork is in order.


If you need help selling your car, we take pictures, write the ads and get all the spam-calls and junk-mail so you don’t need to.


If you need evaluation or just want to know what your car could fetch, if you decide to sell it, we are the partner you are looking for!


We visit classic car auctions and bid for your car, after we did a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

Carlifornia Merchandise

We offer fabulous designs for classic car fans!
Visit our Merchandise and Apparel Shop!

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