Classic Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

How we work to make sure you will get the car you want:

The most crucial step in the successful purchase of a classic car is the completion of a pre-purchase inspection.
Whether you are a seasoned collector, a novice contemplating the purchase of your first vintage car, or an out-of-state or country buyer considering a long distance purchase, a pre-purchase inspection is mandatory.
You will receive an extensive written and individual report identifying and detailing any defects that may exist on the vehicle.

Pre-purchase inspection reports include:

  • Phone interview with you and the seller.
  • Test start in cold and hot condition, test drive (if possible).
  • Engine, transmission and differential test.
  • Test of Suspension and brakes.
  • Condition of body, paintwork, paint thickness, rust and signs of hidden repairs.
  • Fit and finish of all body panels.
  • Condition of undercarriage including frame and sub-frames.
  • Under body including floor pans, trunk pan, rocker panels, etc.
  • Trim condition including chrome, stainless steel and plastic.
  • Condition of all lenses and emblems.
  • Safety equipment (Seat-belts, glass, airbags, warning lights)
  • Interior condition (seats, door panels, console, dash, headliner).
  • Verification of proper operation of every switch, control, lever, light, electrics and electronics.
  • Review of documentation.
  • Pictures and Videos will be provided to you with the complete written and detailed report.
  • Additional services, such as verification of originality, and decoding is available.